Old Tools Scene Header Creator


Old Tools Scene Header Creator is creative Photoshop file with a lot of old tools that will help you make beautiful images, save money, time and impress your customers.

Separate layers in PSD will allow you to position the objects on scene as desired. That’s great, because sometimes you can not find a stock photo that meets all your needs. If you know the basics of Photoshop, you will easily create images, and that will help our You Tube tutorial (in preparation).

If you consider that you can also animate objects with the help of layer slider on your web site, the investment will certainly pay off.

Users will be delighted by the appearance of your web site, print materials, illustration of your blog, presentation of your product…

Old Tools Scene Header Creator have high resolution size 5000 x 3200 pixels composed of high quality photos will be sufficient to print your creations on billboards.

Tools (106) are represented hammers, pliers, ruler, saws, chisels, brushes, paint box, rasps, wood planers, nails, screws, gloves, chisels, drills…

All the tools can be positioned on the scene as you wish. You can leave empty space in some parts of the scene for your text or simply take advantage of two already prepared text style. One is carving, and second is brush color fingerprint.

To make the scene look more realistic we add 21 photo filters, vignette, ambient light, gradient.

For beautiful background, vintage look, will ensure 8 wooden textures.

Enjoy and take great images with this file!


What you can do

– Move objects around the scene
– Add your logo or text and get carving look
– Add text with brush style with color change
– Choose 8 backgrounds or add your own
– Use photo filters and adjustments for a different look
– Full layered and easy to use scene creator for video or layer slider

Old Tools Scene Header Creator Features

– Size 5000×3200 px, 300dpi
– RGB color
– Full layered
– 106 tools (30 screws and nails)
– 8 background images
– 21 prepared effect